The recently opened Schönbuch Tower is a clever example of the use of open spiral cables with a GALFAN coating.

These long-lasting cable tension members are distinguished by their optimal price-performance ratio.

PFEIFER stainless-steel cables are often used for façade projects – like the one shown here, in Busan, South Korea. Stainless-steel cables feature a high-gloss surface and are often used to create striking buildings.

PFEIFER tension rod systems have been used in numerous attractive projects – here, for instance, as suspension ties for the glass skylight of the Max Planck Institute in Erlangen.

One thing that is largely unaffected by the introduction of UMIX is the Type PV series of fully locked cables. Only the Type 802 socket will be replaced by the fatigue resistant Type 700 cable socket. The look of the fatigue resistant Type 700 fork cable socket fits perfectly with the new UMIX series.

PFEIFER is revolutionizing Lightweight Construction

PFEIFER Seil- und Hebetechnik, based in Memmingen, is constantly demonstrating that it is not afraid to make changes.

Three years ago, the Cable Structures division took over membrane specialists Covertex and Fabritec, thereby expanding its product portfolio of tension members for the construction sector to include foils and membranes for covering lightweight support structures. Thanks to the Austrian subsidiary PFEIFER Systems, which specializes in control technology and special machinery manufacturing, these structures can even be retractable.

In the past few years, PFEIFER has participated in many unique lightweight construction projects. The cable series were always a reliable basis for achieving unique results. Nonetheless, PFEIFER is now making a revolutionary change to the core of its product portfolio. Since the introduction of the PE and PG cable series in 2005, the tension member range has remained untouched, except for a few small additions. After 13 successful years in which many breathtaking projects were completed, it is now time for the next step. The established PE and PG systems, as well as the Type 860 tension rod system, will now be replaced by the new UMIX product.

UMIX is not simply a further development of the existing systems, but a completely new start based on a new idea that is unique for the market. Until now, the focus was always on the tension member itself – an initial decision always had to be made about whether to use cables or tension rods in the structure. Even though PFEIFER offers all of the options, switching from cables to tension rods later on always required complicated changes to the connection plates. All that is now a thing of the past. 

With UMIX, customers choose the fork end size based on the limit tension. If limit tension is constant, the end connector fits cables as well as tension rods, regardless of the material – all of the systems are available in both steel and stainless steel. The new system offers a high level of flexibility, even until the order is placed. 

In addition, the look of the new UMIX fork end perfectly complements the existing Type 700 PV fork ends, which will now completely replace the familiar Type 802 cable sockets. 

PFEIFER tension members – both old and new – allow planners to implement even unusual ideas, as the reference projects above in the picture gallery show.

PFEIFER looks forward to being involved in these kinds of projects in the future as well, thanks to its new and improved product range.

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Further information on the PFEIFER UMIX system can be found under Products & Services.

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