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  • Convertible structure

    BC Place Stadium – Vancouver, Canada

    With seating for 55,000 people, the BC Place Stadium is Canada's one of the biggest stadiums. It was completely renovated after the 2010 Winter Olympics. The retractable roof above the playing field is the heart of the conversion from an energy-inefficient stadium that was enclosed the whole year into a modern multipurpose stadium for Canadian football (CFL), football, exhibition and concerts.

    It is the first movable, cable supported and inflatable roof in the world. The 120 x 85 meter opening can be closed within 20 minutes.

    PFEIFER Systems carried out the concept preparation for the electrical engineering and the project design. Since 2016, we have been responsible for maintenance of the drive technology of this impressive roof.

    Furthermore FabriTec – a subsidiary of PFEIFER – has supplied and installed the fabric roofing of the stadium.

    Arena Nationala– Bucharest, Romania

    The Arena National is a football stadium in the highest UEFA category, located in the Roma-nian capital, Bucharest. It seats 55,600 spectators for football, concerts and other major events. The National Stadium is a newly built venue replacing the demolished Lia Manoliu Stadium, and was ceremoniously opened in 2011.

    The stadium is equipped with a convertible roof modelled on the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt. With over 9000 m² of foldable and movable membrane, the roof is one of the larg-est foldable membrane roofs in the world.

    PFEIFER Systems carried out the concept for the electrical engineering and the retractable roof project design. PFEIFER Cable Structures has been responsible for the supply and the installation of the cables – like they did in Frankfurt, a few years prior.

  • LoadSCANTM

    Irwell Bridge – Manchester, England

    The Irwell Bridge connects Manchester's two most important railway stations. The railway bridge was re-built in 2016 and the 92 tension rod systems were fitted with LOADSCAN® pins. Using the LOADSCAN® technology enables permanent monitoring of the structure that can be observed live via the Internet. Along with supplying the measuring systems, PFEIFER Systems also carried out the installation and commissioning of the permanent measuring system.

  • Power plants

    Drinking water power plant – Bad Hofgastein, Austria

    Bad Hofgastein, the health and winter sports resort, integrated two drinking water power plants into the existing water supply network.

    The path of the drinking water leads from the two north and south "Brandeben" sources into two underlying reservoirs. From the north reservoir it passes through the pressure pipeline to around 180 meter deep high-level tank. The water enters the turbines of the upper drinking water power plant with about 18 bar operating pressure.

    The energy of the drinking water is converted here into electricity by means of a Pelton tur-bine. The single-jet Pelton turbine from PFEIFER Systems is designed for 33 litres per second and reaches an output of 30 kilowatts. This corresponds to the electricity consumption of about 80 households.

    The use of existing drinking water systems and the employment of the turbines as "pressure reducers" therefore represent a very economical and sustainable use of our resources.

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